Hovingham Village Survey

October 13th to 27th 2018

Please complete your questionnaires ready for collection shortly

Yes, it has been 10 years since the last Survey, the results of which saw the creation of the Hovingham Village Market and the Scackleton and Hovingham Action Groups, all of which continue to be of great and ongoing benefit to the villages. The results not only informed the Action groups, but Parish Council, Ryedale District Council and NYCC. In addition, the report helped support funding applications by the Village Hall and other groups.

A lot has changed in those 10 years; increased awareness about the impact of climate change; rapid technological change; and new housing and residents to the village, so we thought it would be very worthwhile to repeat the process. We hope to meet and even better the 2008 survey when we achieved an 83% response rate.

What can you do?
Your views are important in informing and engaging our community. Your responses will shape the priorities and focus for this project and wider community activities. This is your opportunity to have a voice and share your thoughts about the future you want for yourself and future generations. Please take the time to fill out the questionnaires.

What’s happening now ?
From 13th to 20th October, all residents aged 16 and over, will be asked to fill out a personally delivered (and collected from 20th to 27th October) anonymous questionnaire. You won’t miss out if you are not home in that period, we will be sure your responses are included.

For the first time we will also be doing an ‘Enterprise Questionnaire’ for businesses, farmers, and voluntary groups.

The collected questionnaires will be collated anonymously by ‘Community First’. The results will be analysed by our group and a report produced and shared with the community containing the results and recommendations.

Who is organising the Survey?
The Purple Project, a sub-group of the Hovingham Action Group, is a long-term community project that acts as facilitator and catalyst to encourage residents and local businesses to reduce their impact on the environment and make a positive impact locally. They will be managing this Survey with the help of a group of volunteers and with support from the Howardian Hills Area of Outstanding Beauty, Hovingham cum Scackleton Parish Council and Hovingham Action Group.

If you would like to learn more about the survey, or have any questions, then please contact the team at survey@hovingham.org.uk.

Thank you for your help and support, it is very much appreciated.