Neighbourhood Watch

The Community, in partnership with North Yorkshire Police (NYP) and the Safer Ryedale Partnership and the Parish Council encourage residents to actively participate in helping keep their Communities safe and "looking out for each other”.

If you see anything suspicious then note down the details, especially the vehicle registration, make and model of a vehicle, and contact the Police on 101. Do not hesitate to dial 999 if a crime is taking place and an immediate response is required.

The Hovingham Neighbourhood Watch team receive information that may be useful to residents to protect their homes, aid their safety and enable them to help their Community. Applicable emails are then sent to those on our mailing list. You may update your preferences, or unsubscribe, at anytime by entering your email address below and enter "Subscribe". We will only use your email details for this purpose.

Further Information

•National Neighbourhood Watch is available here.
•North Yorkshire Police is available here.
•Safe Ryedale Partnership is available here.