The Emergency and Flood Plan mainly deals with flooding in Hovingham and how it should be dealt with; however the document is also applicable for other ‘unknown’ emergencies, however unlikely.

Hovingham has been susceptible to flooding in the past, being low lying with hills surrounding the village. Although there isn’t a river nearby a fast flowing beck runs through the village. However flood defences in Hovingham have been improved over the years and a dyke bypass scheme was implemented in 2000. These have worked well.

As it has been found throughout the UK it is difficult to anticipate the severity of future flooding anywhere in the country. It should be noted water levels rise quickly and therefore there is not always a great deal of notice before a risk of flooding.

The Environment Agency’s early warning service notifies those at risk of being flooded. Using the latest technology their staff monitor rainfall levels 24 hours a day and use this information to forecast the possibility of flooding. If flooding is forecast they will issue one of three different warnings. These warnings will be usually be by telephone.

To register for the flood warning service and up to date information see www.environment-agency.gov.uk/flood.