Our Defibrillator is located on the front wall of the Village Hall (Post Code YO62 4LF)

  • This Defibrillator is very easy to use. You don't need training to use it. The machine gives clear spoken instructions – all you have to do is follow them - and it won’t shock someone unless they need it.
  • If you come across someone who is unconscious, unresponsive, not breathing or not breathing normally, they’re in cardiac arrest.
  • The Defibrillator is portable and easily taken to the patient.
  • Dial 999 and follow the instructions given.
  • Using a Defibrillator alongside CPR can dramatically increase the chance of survival from cardiac arrest.
  • A step-by-step guide can be downloaded HERE

We hope you will not have to use it however, knowing what
to do in such an emergency could save a life

If you would like further details, or maybe help by periodically inspecting the Defibrillator, then please send an email to defib@hovingham.org.uk